Page eight       Miscellaneous
These are the
remaining two of a
series of Chinese
brush paintings with
ink on silk and
mounted in the
traditional silk wall
hanging mode. They
can be hung on
dowels or bamboo.
Tassels are often
added. They roll up
for easy storage.
Archival ink will last  
for centuries. The
silk background may
fade if left in direct
sunlight. . Light in
weight, they can be
changed with the
seasons or
relocations. May
they give you many
years of pleasure.
Baja Cave Painting  13x19 watercolor print
Man with Fire    10x4 Acrylic
Man with Cactus  10x4 Acrylic
Country Scene  10x4 Acrylic
The Power of the Waterfall     Brush and Ink on Silk
20x51 inches
14x18 inches
Crossing Bridge in Rain    Brush and Ink on Silk
17x10 inches
20x48 inches