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  “here in the pueblos of new mexico  the Indians still make beautiful pottery
and rugs, works which are mysterious and at the same time revealing of some
great life principle which the old race had.  Although some hands lead, the
whole pueblo seems responsible for the work and stands for their  communal
greatness.  It represents them, reveals a certain spirituality we would like to
comprehend, explains to a degree that distinction which we recognize in their
 Materially, they are a crushed out race, but even in the remnant there is a
bright spark of spiritual life which we others with all our goods and material
protections can envy.
 They have art as a part of each one’s life.  The whole pueblo manifests itself in
a piece of pottery. With us, so far, the artist works alone.  Our neighbor who
does not paint does not feel himself  an artist.  We allot to some the gift of
genius: to all the rest, practical business.
 Undoubtedly in the ancient Indian race, genius was the possession of all; the
reality of their lives.  The superior ones among them made the greater
manifestations, but each manifested , lived and expressed his life according to
his strength; was a spiritual existence, a genius, an artist to his fullest extent.  
Apart from that, they raised crops , covered themselves, attended to the
material according to their understanding, and wandered of course afar into
that dark life outside the artist life, into war and strife, and all the fruits of
material greed---like ourselves.
 Behind them they have left some records of both existences, but we cherish
most those which tell of a certain spiritual well-being, the warm heart in love
with life and working with a love of work which is the song of their well-being.
 In America, or in any country, greatness in art will not be attained by the
possession of canvases in palatial museums, by the purchase and bodily owning of
(great) art.  The greatness can only come by the art spirit entering into the very
life of the people, not as a thing apart, but as the greatest essential of life to
each one.  It is to make every life productive of light--a spiritual influence.  It is
to enter government and the whole material existence as the essential  
influence, and it alone will keep government straight, end wars and strife; do
away with material greed.
 When America is an art country, there will not be three or five or seven arts,
but there will be the thousands of arts--or the one art, the art of life
manifesting itself in every work of man, be it painting or whatever.  We will then
have to give in kind for what we get.  And every man will be a true enrichment
to the other.
 Amy step toward such an end is a step toward human happiness, a sane and
wholesome existence.  Much will come of the effort.  There will be failures as
well as successes, but if the strong desire exists both conditions will serve as
experience in progress.”
The Art Spirit  by Robert Henri   pgs.187-189

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